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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a method to track glucose levels throughout the day and night. The CGM system takes glucose measurements at regular intervals, 24 hours a day, and translates the readings into dynamic data, generating glucose direction and rate of change.

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Continuous Glucose Monitor

TheStyle Libre CGM consists of a handheld reader and a sensor worn on the back of the upper arm to continuously track glucose levels.

  • The sensor uses a thin, flexible filament inserted just under the skin to measure glucose every minute
  • The rechargeable handheld reader is used to scan the sensor with a painless, one-second scan to replace fingersticks
  • Each scan shows hours of glucose history for up to 90 days of glucose data
  • Trend arrow indicates the direction your glucose is going

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At Send My CGM, we have helped countless diabetes patients make the switch to a pain-free, accurate & effective way to manage their diabetes, at little to no cost to them!

Just got my device today!

The process was simple beyond words, they called me and worked with my insurance company directly to get me my CGM device. I just had to give them some very basic info and 2 weeks later, I got my device and usage guide in the email!

- Jordan Waynard  |  Verified Customers

Great customer service! Highly recommended!

I was assisted by Sarah, who took me through the process and answered all my questions ever so patiently. Once I got my CGM Device, I have since recommended them to my other friends, who have also been able to benefit.

- Martha T.  |  Verified Customers

Make the switch today, it really helps!

I was referred to this service by my doc, who had been telling me that switching to a CGM would be so much better! These guys were great, they handled all the paperwork and had my device shipped directly to me! Its so much better than the traditional way to monitor diabetes.

- Matthew  |  Verified Customers